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 1971 Cessna T210K

The K model Turbo 210 is the first model with the modern fuselage that was used until production halt in 1986. This modern cabin is 25% larger in volume than the previous design, and has reasonable 5th and 6th seats. The T210K uses the 285 hp TSIO-520-H, which is known (despite of having a lower TBO) to have a much longer life than the later version having 310hp for takeoff. Standard useful load on this model is 1620 lbs, an increase over previous J-model of 288 lbs. This model has standard long range fuel of 90 gal (with new capacitance-type fuel guages), tubular-steel main landing gear (wider gear track with no more saddle problems!), integral fuel tanks, and standard seating for six.

We purchased this plane from the original owners in the late 1990's.  The plane had been hangered in the same hangar since new at the Detroit City Airport.  This plane is very clean with regard to corrosion - I would guess that it rates in the top two per cent for low corrosion level (pictures to be posted).  It had two very expensive annuals just before we purchased the plane, which put the plane into good shape. The image on the vertical stab is a charicature of the original owner - Sonny Eliot  - a well known Detroit area weatherman.

Recent major improvements  including a completely re-skinned elevator and trim-tab (no longer foam filled), the tail attach point service bulletin, nearly all hydraulics overhauled, and a freshly overhauled Knisley exhaust system. .

Unfortunately, the owner lost the logs around 1983. Since then, the records are complete. The records on this engine are complete since it was a zero-time Continental factory reman. There is documentation supporting the total time, as the owners kept a log of all flights and the corresponding tach time. A copy of these flight logs will be included with the aircraft to correlate the total airframe time up to 1983.

This model is fairly rare, with production being 61 units in 1970, and 57 units in 1971. Optimum cruise at 20,000 ft. is 219 mph (190 knots), with 845 nm of range and nearly 4 hours of endurance at that power setting. Service ceiling is 28,500 ft at gross weight.

N10666 is now based in Boulder Colorado at the Boulder Municipal Airport, where it may be viewed by appointment.

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    Cessna T210


sn: 21059484

      • 3490 Hours Since New
      • One Owner Plane to 1998, Hangared Since New

Optional Equipment:
  • Factory Oxygen System (Recent New O2 Bottles @ a cost of $2100)
  • Articulating Seats (Pilot, Co-pilot, 3rd and 4th seats)
  • Raised Fuel Caps per Cessna Service Bulletin
  • Tail Bulkhead Attach Point Service Kit Installed ($3,000)
  • Courtesy Lights
  • Post Lights
  • Long Range Fuel


Fully IFR Equipped

    • King KMA-20 Audio Switching Panel / Marker Beacon
    • Dual Narco Com 120 Comm Radios (720 Channel)
    • Narco DGO-10 HSI
    • Narco Nav-14 (with Glideslope)
    • Narco Nav-12 (with Glideslope)
    • Narco DME-190 Digital DME
    • Edo-Aire ADF (Inop)
    • Narco AT-150 Transponder w/ Encoder
    • BF Goodrich WX-10A Stormscope
    • Century II-B Autopilot (Heading Bug, Nav and Localizer Coupling)

    Please ask about avionics upgrades - we do very competitive and quick avionics upgrades.

Engine & Propeller
    • Continental TSIO-520-H (285 HP with 1400 Hour Recommended TBO)
    • 790 Hours Since Factory Remanufactured Gold Seal Engine
    • 790 Since Propeller Overhaul

Paint and Interior:

    Paint is still the original, in good condition - shows the lack of time this plane has spent outside!  Paint has not been touched up for new STOL kit installation. Nose bowl is due for touch up, and there is some fading of the black on top of the cowl.  Rear glass is original and in excellent condition - no milkiness whatsoever.

    Six seat interior is still the original red leather,  in fair to good condition.

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